PlanHub is a free, online system designed to help you access emergency information whenever you need it and make health & social care planning easy and straightforward.

Create your own profile and add emergency information about yourself to help others develop an understanding of your support needs and to help you make the right choices. Use your PlanHub profile to inform health and social care staff about the support you need, what is important to you and how to help you achieve it.

Use PlanHub to help you keep safe when taking part in sport. Planhub can inform first aiders and medics of your blood type, allergies, resting and working heart rate so if you need emergency treatment, there is no delay.

There are 12.2 million disabled people, 433 local authorities and countless support services in the UK. This fragmented approach makes enabling a disabled person to live independently harder than it needs to be.

PlanHub is designed to take away the burden inadvertently applied to people with disabilities, additional needs and life limiting conditions – and their support circles – by bridging the gap between systems.

By linking emergency information, plans, administration and services into a single, online location, opened using a microchip housed in a wristband and accessed via a reader device, users can decide what information the system holds about them, and who they want to be able to see it.

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