Testing in Peterborough… UK… the whole world! Once the product is ready all you need is user feedback. See how PlanHub is progressing and why a new range of chic and bespoke wearables were designed and crafted to suit your style.

All Systems Go!

After literally years of meetings, briefings, demonstrations and discussions, PlanHub is now live in Peterborough and what a relief. In the end all it took was one nod and all the doors opened!

We now have 30 people testing the system, finding issues and trying to break it. Once they’ve done their worst and given me all the feedback they can muster, we’re ready to go!

It’s been a long road but it’s funny how when it finally comes together, what a weight it takes off your shoulders!

We’ve already been asked to take this further, demonstrating it at regional boards and groups. We’ve been approached by social workers in Hertfordshire and Yorkshire who’ve heard about the system and really want to use it…and are willing to sign off the funding to do so!

We’ve had chats with the infamous “panel.” They’re the board of decision makers who review people’s direct payments when they’re asking the unusual. They’ve agreed in Peterborough that the cost of the wristband is an acceptable expense within someone’s direct payment and so now, even that barrier has been lifted.

Shape Up, Look Smart.

It occurred to me a few weeks ago, while getting ready to go out for a friend’s 30th birthday for which my wife insisted I wear a suit, that perhaps a brightly coloured silicone wristband was not to everyone’s taste, especially when dressing smartly, which seems pretty obvious really. I had a think and wondered what I’d need to do to make PlanHub more appealing to the wider public, and then it hit me! Jewellery! No, not earrings and that kind of thing, but what if I enlisted a boutique jewellery maker to create a line of mid-range and high-end products that had all the functionality of a PlanHub wristband, but looked a bit more chic.

After some looking around (on my wife’s Facebook account) I found Hannah Lingered Jewellery, an independent jewellery maker with a passion for the creative. Perfect, so lo and behold I am pleased to introduce PlanHub Couture, our new range of chic and bespoke wearables designed and crafted to suit your style.

So What’s Next?

Now this is the million dollar question…. people! Simply, we need people to sign up and use the system. Once we’ve shaken out all the issues through user testing, we are ready to go and support people all over the country, the world even! This really is exciting and it is all thanks to the support of Nesta and their affiliates. We really couldn’t have got here without you!