PlanHub is waiting for decisions to be made while all they are dreaming about is launching the website or adding another exciting features to the product. Find out what they are!

Do you know the biggest frustration with having the funds for a project that you feel passionate about? You have to wait for things to be made and for other people and organisations to make decisions. This last month has seen us spend the majority of the first instalment of our grant, and while it’s been awesome to have the funds and to make the arrangements that we have dreamed of for the past two years, it’s also really daunting. We are aware of the elements we need and we want to be as wise as possible in spending our funds…but we need (want) all of these things to happen TODAY! Cue lots of time waiting for the post man.

Getting ready for promotion

We’ve had lots of promotional materials, including pop-up banners, mugs, flyers, posters, labels for readers, wristbands and t-shirts arrive already, and we’re ready to go out and promote, and as soon as the new website is finished we will be out there giving PlanHub the coverage we feel it deserves.

Behind the scenes

So there were always going to be things we hadn’t thought of, and we costed this into our development plan as much as possible when we submitted our application. The big one is: how do you incentivise someone to return a lost wristband or ID card? Answer: A freepost address. This helps because it makes being a good Samaritan easy, and means people can have their property returned at no cost to the sender. So this is what we have set up, a home for all of the lost and found wristbands, if you like.

We wanted to ensure that PlanHub covers lots of bases and can become a true hub for services, so we’ve been busy applying to register PlanHub as a DBS checking service. If approved, this will add extra functionality to PlanHub and will allow users to track their staff training and security all in the same place as they manage their plans.

Next step developments 

We’ve been trialling this system in various ways and some of those are starting to come to fruition. Cambridgeshire County Council are using PlanHub to track Individual Budget expenditure and support in real time. Readers are starting to be placed around Peterborough and we are looking at developing a self-sufficient reader/display that can be located in remote places. We have been approached about our next big development and it’s very exciting!